Upgraded Air Type Fabric Relaxing Machine


Roll to Roll Fabric Relaxing Machine(5th Generation)

( Floating Air, Vibrating Conveyor, Improve Relaxing Effect for Elastic Knits Fabric )

Triple Relaxing, 24 Hours Saving, High ROI!
Ideal for Elastomeric and Lycra Fabrics!
Roll-to-Roll Fabric Relaxing, direct to cutting!
Vibrating Conveyor & Air Flotation Table, 100% Tension Releasing!

SPECIFICATIONS of ST-FRM-VI(P)(SUNTECH Upgraded Air Type Fabric Relaxing Machine)


SUNTECH Upgraded Air Type Fabric Relaxing Machine(ST-FRM-VI(P))

Optimal Running Speed

10 - 15m/min

Fabric Width

1.8 - 3.0 meters

Standard Roll Diameter


Standard Roll Weight


Electric Specs


(can be adjusted to suit for different countries)

Remark:Variable working width is possible and can be tailor-made to your requirements of processing needs.

ST-FRM-VI(P) Upgraded Air Type Fabric Relaxing Machine is mainly used to eliminate the tension of knit fabrics; Besides, it will keep fabrics tidy for storage. Compared with the traditional way from roll to plaited fabric relaxation, The ST-FRM-VI(P) Air Type Fabric Relaxing Machine gives the best solution to unwind & relax the roll with consistent tension immediately to produce a perfect roll. The special air floating device and tension control system makes the fabric tension totally released from roll to roll, which can reduce out-of tolerance cut parts.

Main Functions of ST-FRM-VI(P)(SUNTECH Upgraded Air Type Fabric Relaxing Machine)

1. Tensionless Fabric Feed-positive surface unwinding from twn rollers which are driven by separate motor and inverter.

2. Vibrating Conveyor Helps Improve the Fabric Relaxtion Effect.

3. Fabric is unwound into a photocell controlled lazy loop, releasing fabric to its original state.

4. Fabric passes over air-flotation zone for totally relaxing, to reduce processing time.

5. The output fabric roll, can be put onto the automatic spreading machine, save time and space.

6. Automatic Edge-alignment System, edge alignment error6mm

7. Accurate Length Counting(Y/M)-counting error 0.1m/km

8. Automatic Width Measuring Device-- can be installed on machine for online measuring (option)

9. Automatic Weight Device--measuring capacity 1000-2000kgs

Immediate cutting without waiting. You can enjoy totally relaxing with accurate length counting and fabric edge controlling!


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