Fabric Inspection Table


Fabric Inspection Table for Knits

( Ideal for Tensionless Checking )

0 Tension for Knitted Fabric!
Optional Cross-Cutting & Weighing!
Inspection Reports by Software!
Design Unique Machine For You!
ERP Real-Time Recording!

Automatic Camera Inspection System Could Be Installaed on Fabric Inspection Machines.





5 - 54m/min

Fabric Width

1.8 - 4.0 meters



(for model ST-KFIM-220 only)

Standard Roll Diameter




(for model ST-KFIM-01-240 only)

Remark:Variable working width is possible and can be tailor-made to your requirements of processing needs.

ST-KFIM Fabric Inspection Table for Knits with optional data collection and analysis system(4-point system) to handle a wide range of fabrics, from tension-sensitive elastomeric and lycra fabrics to stable woven, technical and upholstery materials. This machine can be supplied to operate fromplait/loose fabrics to roll, or with various other fabric inletand outlet options.

Main Functions of ST-KFIM

1. Low Tension Fabric Delivery and Speed Synchronization
ST-KFIM Combinaed Mechanical and Electric Device Together for Making Fabric Feeding, Delivering and Re-winding Synchronous;

2. Full Width Fabric Inspection

Its 60 Degree Fixed Angle Inspection Screen can Inspecting Fabric From Different Viewing and Lighting Options;

3. Accurate Fabric Length & Optional Weighing Machine
Fabric Roll Length and Weight can be Taken by Industrial Standard Measuring Systems with Digital Readouts to Give Consistent Fabric Roll Assessments;

4. Stretch Fabric Control - with Scroll Roller System and De-curling System
Fabric Controlled from Input to Electro/Pneumatic Edge Guilding System for Perfect Roll Generation;

5. Consistent Roll Output - with Twin Rewinding Roller and Roll Hardness Adjustment
Processed Rolls are Rewound with the Minimum Amount of Tension and are Consistent from Roll to Roll;

6. Versatile Fabric Input and Output Options - Synchronize with Other Production Operations
Optional Systems are Available for Different Fabric Input and Output Presentations, Roll to Roll, Continuous Fabric Input and Plait Input and Output;

7. Pneumatic Roll Ejection Device - Optional
Heavy Produced Rolls can be Pushed by the Pneumatic Cylinder Arms so as to Save Labour Power;

8. Data Collection and Analysis System (4-point System) - Optional
100% Fabric Inspection with Software for Accurate Fabric Roll Analysis and Printout;

9. Linear Fabric Roll End Cutter - Optional
Full Width Cutting at the End of Processed Roll, Fast and Accurate.

Fabric Inspection Table for Knits

fabric checking table for knits

knitted fabric inspection machine,open width inspection machine

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