ST-FRM-S Steam Fabric Relaxing Machine


Steam Fabric Relaxing Machine

( Steam Type; New Arrival )

Re-inspection & Relaxing in One
Ideal for Elastomeric & Lycra Fabrics
Steam to Preshrink
100% Tension Release
European Standard
≥15 Years Spares Support






Fabric Width

1.8-4.0 meters

Standard Roll Diameter


Fabric Relaxing Function

Roll to Plaited Fabric

Fabric Inspection Function

Plaited Fabric to Roll

Electric Specs

3Phase - 380V; 50HZ

(can be adjusted to suit for different countries)

Remark:Variable working width is possible and can be tailor-made to your requirements of processing needs.

ST-FRM-S STEAM FABRIC RELAXING MACHINE is mainly used to eliminate the tension of knit fabrics; From Roll to Plaited fabric, Steam Relaxing, with 6-8 Hours Relax Time Only. Combined with Inspection & Rolling Function Too.

● Steaming Generation Device as well as Suction Device makes the full relaxation time 6-8 hours only.

● Full Width Fabric Inspection: with 60 degree fixed angle inspection screen.

● Curled Edges Controlling- With scroll roller system and de-curling system for perfect roll generation.

● Accurate Fabric Edge Controlling-Edge alignment error ≤6mm

● Accurate Length Counting(Y/M)-Counting Error≤0.1m/km.

● Available for different Fabric Input and Output Presentation, like plait to roll, roll to plait etc. Synchronize with other production.

● End of roll automatic stop sensor-for next roll joining.

steam fabric relaxing machine

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