ST-JL Jacquard Machine


Jacquard Machine,Jacquard Weaving Machine

( Special Model for Jacquard Fabrics )

Suitable for a variety of jacquard fabrics

jacquard machineSUNTECH jacquard loom machine




Loom Width


280/320/340/360 cm


Max. 250-400RPM

Cloth Roll Diameter


(With Loom Take-up Machine)

Electric Specs

3PHASE 380V 50HZ(Standard)

Shedding Device


(With 1344/2688/5000/10000/16580


jacquard machine

Loom Width: 150, 190, 230(220),250,280,320,340,360

Max. Speed: 250-400rpm

Weft Insertion: Four spacial connecting rod drive, no guiding hook, suspending single hook, or suspending double hook weft feeding

Weft Battening: Matched cam which in tank wall.

Color Selecting: 8 electronic color selecting

Shedding Device: Electronic jacquard, with 1344 needles, 2688 needles, 5000 needles, 10000 needles and 16580 needles.

Let off: Electronic Let off, warp beam ∅800mm or ∅1000mm

Take up: Electronic Take up, weft density range in 1-150 picks/cm, cloth roll diameter 600mm or cloth roll out of machine 1200mm

Lubrication: Spray lubrication, Oil bath lubrication, Manual oil pump lubrication, Oil gas lubrication, four method exist together.

Automatic Weft Seeking: the electromagnetic clutch automatic weft seeking and heald reversing.

Automatic Controlling: PLC controlling system, auto-stop, auto-start, auto weft seeking, over compensation, weft compensation, auto fault recognition and etc.

Main Motor: 5.5-7.5KW

What is jacquard?

Jacquard is a large pattern weave with a jacquard machine, and the number of warps in the complete jacquard can be returned to the root. Part is based on one kind of organization, and another kind of organization pattern, such as plain weave and satin weave. Sometimes yarns of different colors can be used to make the fabric show large colorful patterns. Jacquard fabric types, embroidery counts, warp and weft, various styles of jacquard fabrics are recommended. Jacquard weaving is through the pattern needle to control the direction movement trajectory of the warp yarn. Generally, the practical pattern needle of the No. 1400 jacquard machine is 1480 needles. There are 1480 kinds of warp yarn movement trajectories that can be controlled, which greatly increases the flower shape.
Small jacquard distinguishes the size of the jacquard pattern loop, the main difference is the necessary difference, the general dobby loom for small jacquard production, the large jacquard is produced on the large jacquard loom. Jacquard textiles have a number of warp yarns in a weave cycle that can reach the destination weave root, and they need to be woven with a jacquard machine. Small jacquard is a floral spun cotton fabric woven by a dobby loom, or small textile, dobby jacquard textile.
The working principle of jacquard loom
In a jacquard loom, the tube is on top of the tube.Each weft is woven on a pattern, and the pattern tube is pressed on the horizontal stitch once.When the plate has holes, the head of the horizontal needle is inserted into the holes in the plate and tube so that the hook end of the straight needle is still hanging on the lift knife.As the lift goes up, the straight needle goes up and the heald is lifted by the first hook and thread.At this point, the warp line through the heald eye is also lifted to form the upper layer of the shed.The heald hammer is suspended on the lower heald ring of the heald piece.When the shuttle is closed, the weight of the heald hammer acts as a healing force.When the plate has no holes, the horizontal needle moves back through the convex head and pushes the corresponding straight needle, so that the hook end of the straight needle is separated from the lifting knife.Thus, the filament and warp threads attached to the straight needle do not rise, but sink through the thread, forming the lower layer of the shed.Therefore, the movement of each meridian is determined by whether there is a hole in the flower board, the hole on the flower board is rolled in accordance with the design requirements of pattern and organization, so the movement of the meridian is in line with the requirements.
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ST-JL has a wide range of fabric adaptability; it is suitable for weaving cotton, blended fabric, chemical fiber and other light and heavy jacquard fabrics, such as decorative fabrics, tie fabrics, home textiles, etc. This electronic jacquard machine adopts a high-power frequency conversion main motor, and updates the program and software to realize frequency conversion weaving. Using 32-bit microcomputer control, it has the functions of automatic weft stop, automatic warp stop, empty weft, multiple weft, and positioning stop. The weaving machine will automatically detect and display the error. Parameters such as fabric pattern, tension, weft density, etc. can be easily entered through the panel or USB and wirelessly. The jacquard machine automatically collects data such as shutdown, output, and efficiency as parameters. The electronic jacquard loom can also realize slow motion jacquard and other functions.


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