ST-ERL-600 High Speed Fully Electronic Rapier Loom (For Carbon Fiber)


600 High Speed Fully Electronic Carbon Fiber Rapier Loom

( Max. Design Speed 600RPM )

Application Range: Suitable for Weaving Various Nature Fiber(Cotton, Hemp, Wool, Silk ect), Polyester, Glass Fiber and etc.
fully electronic carbon fiber rapier loom 600 high speed carbon fiber rapier loom full electronicSUNTECH fully eletronic carbon fiber rapier loom for weavingweaving machine price




Loom Width


280/320/340/360 cm


Max. 350-600RPM

Cloth Roll Diameter


(With Loom Take-up Machine)

Electric Specs

3PHASE 380V 50HZ(Standard)

Loom Width: 150, 190, 230(220),250,280,320,340,360

Max. Speed: 350-600rpm

Weft Insertion: Four spacial connecting rod drive, no guiding hook, suspending single hook, or suspending double hook weft feeding

Weft Battening: Matched cam which in tank wall.

Color Selecting: 8 electronic color selecting

Shedding Device: Electronic dobby 16-20 shafts, or electronic jacquard

Let Off: Electronic Let off, warp beam ∅800mm or ∅1000mm

Take Up: Electronic Take up, weft density range in 1-150 picks/cm, cloth roll diameter 600mm or cloth roll out of machine 1200mm

Lubrication: Spray lubrication, Oil bath lubrication, Manual oil pump lubrication, Oil gas lubrication, four method exist together.

Automatic Weft Seeking: the electromagnetic clutch automatic weft seeking and heald reversing.

Automatic Controlling: PLC controlling system, auto-stop, auto-start, auto weft seeking, over compensation, weft compensation, auto fault recognition and etc.

Main Motor: 5.5-7.5KW

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