Warp Tying Machine


Warp Tying Machine

( Max.Speed 600 Knots/Min )

SUNTECH ST-WKM-I Automatic Warp Tying Machine adopts world-class knotting technology, and enjoys high performance, high efficiency, high flexibility and high quality, it is the ideal knotting solution for all weaving mills, like rapier weaving, airjet weaving, waterjet weaving, and projectile weaving. Upto 600 per minute.

  1. Adopts world-class knotting technology, suitable for almost all yarns and weaving mills.
  2. The maximum speed can reach 600 knots per minute.
  3. Can be fixed on the loom frame or trolley, as per customer choice.
  4. Easy to operate and can dramatically reduce the waiting time of the weaving looms.




Warp type and material

Cotton yarn,wool yarn, silk yarn, blended yarn, long fiber yarn, singer fiber yarn, industrial yarn

Warp Count Range


Warp Speed

Up to 600 per minute

Touching screen

Convenient and quick menu inquiry and the setting as well as the procedure change, but also may touch the screen to start and stop the machine

Effective width

1m-3.5m,can be customized as per needs


New version brushless motor DC36V 180W


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