ST-ACI-II Automatic Camera Inspection System


AI Automated Visual Inspection System-L

( for Weaving Machine )

ERP/SAP Compatible!
4 Times Efficiency Improved!
Max.5 times Labor Cost Saving!
30% Inspection Rate Increased!
24 Hours 100% Attention!

automatic camera inspection system




Fabric Color

Single Color/min(Standard)

Fabric Width


can be customized as per needs

Inspection Rate


Edge-alignment Error

≤ 5mm

Min Defect Size


Inspection Speed

Synchronized with the weaving machine

SUNTECH Automatic Camera Inspection System can be applied to the Fabric Inspection on various kinds of Weaving Machine like Water jet, Air jet and Repair Loom. Synchronized with the weaving process, the fabric will be detected with the Camera Inspection System and fabric information is recorded synchronously by the software and the computer, Truely realizes 24-hour unmanned testing.

Main Functions of ST-ACI-II:

  • High Intelligence, 24 Hours 100% Attention

- Reduce dependence on people and ensure stable production

  • High Efficient, Speed 60m/min

- Comparing with manual inspection 10-15m/min,4 times increased

- Can replace 3-5 inspector, greatly save the labor cost

  • High Precision, Inspection Rate Upto 90%

- Comparing with manual inspection rate, 30% increased

  • Convenient Scalability, ERP/SAP Compatible
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