Fabric Inspection and Packing Machine


Fabric Inspection and Packing Machine

( Fabric Inspection Machine+Semi-Automatic Fabric Roll Packing Machine )

Complete Production Line!
Max.60% Labor Cost Saving!
Compact Design, Save space!
Software Help Manage Production Plan!
High ROI, Payback within 1 Year!

fabric inspection and packing machine features




Fabric Width


Standard Roll Diameter


Electric Specs


Main Functions of ST-FIPM
  1. Auto Tensionless checking-With unique mechanical and electrical device combination for making fabric feeding, delivery and rewinding synchronous.
  2. Full width Fabric Inspection-with 45 degree fixed angle inspection screen.
  3. Curled Edges Controlling-with scroll roller system and de-curling system for perfect roll generation.
  4. Accurate length counting(Y/M)- counting error
  5. Accurate Fabric Edge Controlling-Edge alignment error <6mm.
  6. consistent Roll Output-Roll hardness adjustable.
  7. Synchronize with Fabric Roll Packing Machine for online PE film packing.
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