Electric Warp Beam Lift Trolley (Cradle Type)


Electric Warp Beam / Batch Trolley (Cradle Type)

( Electric Warp Beam Carrier )

Max Loading Capacity 1800kgs
Adapt to Any Brand Loom!
Battery Single Life Time 8hrs!
Efficiency Increased by 50%!

SUNTECH STelego Warp Beam Lift Trolley, Beats the Old!

cradle type warp beam lift trolley

ST-MBT-01II Electric Warp Beam Carrier - Cradle type is the newest model, suitable for bottom beam in single or twin beams type, transporting & inserting in weaving machines. Warp beam weighing up to 1800kg and beam width as per requirement. The trolley is applicable for any weaving machines with their nominal working width 170-340cm without changing its size. A transverse of 10cm for easy beam positioning.

Moreover, the trolley is also applicable for batch picking from the ground and transporting.

cradle typr warp beam electric trolley

cradle type electric beam trolley packing

cradle type warp beam lift trolleys for sale

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