ST-DFSM Automatic Tube-sewing Machine(Especially for Lycra and Elastomeric Farbics)


Automatic Tube-sewing Machine

( Especially for Lycra and Elastomeric Farbics )

Doubling, Sewing, Plaiting!
Knit Sewn in Tubular to Dyeing!
Fast Open Thread After Dyeing!
Auto Knit Fabric Edge Sewing!
Automatic Unstitching Device!

automatic tube-sewing machine

automatic tube sewing machine for sale

SUNTECH automatic tube-sewing machine

ST-DFSM Automatic Tube-sewing Machine (Bag Sewing Machine) allows the automatization of selvedge sewing operation of knit fabrics for dyeing. Since lycra is increasingly being used in textile industry, a process of heat fixing of the fabric is required before dyeing. For this reason the raw tubular fabric has to be slit open, heat fixed and then sewn in tubular form again to be dyed.

Main Functions of ST-DFSM

1. Doubling, sewing, plaiting any type of fabrics with inlet from plait/loose fabrics.

2. For proper folding, special systems for thin and sensitive fabrics as well as fabrics with curled edges.

3. PLC controlled for synchronized operation.

4. Automatic alignment of selvedge on the doubling triangle with very sensitive and precise photo-electric guide.

5. Sewing carriage with Auto-Search of the fabric-edge.

6. System of motorized drawing to avoid harmful skids for the seam.

7. Reliable measuring with electronic calibrated counter meter system.


Automatic Tube-Sewing Machine

automatic tube-sewing machine

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