According to the number of cylinders, circular knitting machine can be divided into single-sided circular knitting machine and double-sided circular knitting machine. But it can be divided into ordinary machine, thread adjusting machine, terry machine, sweater machine, transfer machines, jacquard machine and cylinder machine by the structural features of the machine and the characteristics of knitted products.

1. Ordinary machine

It is the basic model of the circular knitting machine and includes single-sided machine, ribbing machine and cotton wool machine, which the single-sided machine and ribbing machine have only one needle path for only knitting the flat knit organization sweat cloth or simple ribbing cloth, while the cotton wool machine has two needle paths upper and downside, which is only able to knit simple cotton wool organization. All of other models are formed on the basis of the ordinary machine.

However, there is no ordinary machine in the real meaning on current market. When we talk about ordinary machine, it generally referred to the ordinary machine for that have multi-needle path. Multi-needle path single-sided machine is generally 4 needle path, can be used for knitting small flower fabric through the arrangement of needles and cam; the multi-needle path double-sided machine is generally 2 needle path for the dial, 4 needle path for the needle cylinder. It also can be categorized into ribbed machine and cotton wool machine by the difference between needle alignment ways. There is also ribbed cotton wool interchangeable machine for achieving the knitting of a variety of small flower double-sided fabric.

Through the optimization of the cam and sinker, ordinary machine is able to form a high-speed machine by equipping with slitting device, which is suitable for the spandex fabrics production.

2. Thread adjustment machine

By adding thread adjusting device to various single and double-sided machines, we can get thread adjusting machine, which is used to weave large color strip fabrics and can be divided into 3-tone thread, 4-tone thread, 6-tone thread, etc. Some special models, through the combination of the yarn adjuster, can realize the 3 color 6 tone yarn function switch, improve the efficiency.

3. Terry machine

Terry machine belongs to single-sided machine, which is used to produce terry fabrics, including positive wrapping and negative wrapping. Some terry machines are equipped with terry scissors, which can produce cut-loop terry fabrics directly.

4. Three-thread fleece machine

Three-thread fleece machine is also called sweater machine, which is one kind of single-sided machine, mainly used for knitting lining tissue fabrics.

5. Jacquard machine

jacquard machine

Jacquard machine is used to weave large-loop jacquard fabric, it can be divided into computerized jacquard machine, plucking jacquard machine, insert jacquard machine, flower plate jacquard machine, roller jacquard machine, round tooth piece roller jacquard machine. Generally, the majority of enterprises on present market use computerized jacquard machine.

6. Transfer machine

Transfer machine is a kind of double-sided ribbing machine, its cylinder is transfer needle that with a elastic expansion ring piece. Transfer machine can be used to knitting leno organization and other transfer fabrics with special characteristics.

7. Double tube machine

Double tube machine is a certain type of double-sided machine for knitting double reverse organization fabrics. It is relatively rare in domestic market so that is basically reply on importing because there are few domestic enterprises are able to produce this types of machine.

8. Artificial fur machine

Artificial fur machine is a single-sided machine, it is attached to a set of fiber wool carding feeding device in each loop system, the loose fiber is fed into the needle so that can knit a long pile organization fabric.

9. Warp insertion machine

Warp insertion machine, also known as hanging device, is a kind of device that is installed on the ordinary single-sided machine lining device, can be used to weave the fabrics that with a longitudinal effect of the fabric.