Computerized Warp Beam Storage System (Beam Stacker)


Beam Stacker

( Computerized Warp Beam Storage System )

For Yarn & Cloth Beam Storage!
3 Times Space Cost Saving!
Efficiency Increased by 60%!
SUNTECH Beam Stacker, No. 1 Globally in Sales!
Storage Capacity Overall Dimension(mm) Type of Warp Beam(PICANOL) Layer
30 11360 4000 5420 Φ 1000×220cm 4
40 14800
50 18250
60 21700
70 15150
80 28600
100 35500
30 12100 4000 5812 Φ 1100×220cm 4
40 15780
50 19460
60 23140
70 26820
80 30500
100 37860
70 18600 4000 8775 Φ 1100×220cm 6
80 21000
100 25900

SUNTECH Computerized Warp Beam Storage System (Beam Stacker) is the Best Solution for Storage of Warp Beam/Size Beam/Weaving Beam/ Cloth Beam, Which are Widely Applicable in the Weaving Preparation Workshop, Weaving Unit and Finishing Unit for Space Utilization and to Avoid Damage of Ready Warp/Cloth Beam.


The Model ST-BS Could Employ a Microprocessor-Controlled Information System for Storage and Retrieval of Particular Beams.

Main Functions of ST-BS

1. Intelligentization

It can Intelligently Loading & Unloading Beam, the Automatic Beam Selection is Based on Entered Data Like Beam Number/Beam Code/Mill Code/etc, then ST-BS Will Selecting the Shortest Path and Bring the Beam at Doffing Position for You. Multi-language Selection is Also Available;

2. HMI (Touch Panel)

France “SCHNEIDER”Brand Touching Screen, for Easy and Quick Access of Data and Machine Operation;

3. ERP Connecting & Mobile App Controlling Available

It is available to Connect with ERP system to Realize Data Ssynchronization and Sharing. Also Can be Controlled by Mobile Software;

4. Chain Synchronization Automatic Detection Technology

When the Chains on Both Sides of Beam Stcaker are Out of Synchronous, ST-BS Will Alarm and Stop Running, then Operator Can Check Whether Bilateral Chains Need to Adjust the Degree of Tightness.

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